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We respect your right to privacy 100%, and will always ensure we conform to not just the law at the time, but also our moral obligation to you.

That's why we will never allow anyone to use your data, will always keep it secure and will remove all trace of it at your request.

In most cases the only information we hold on you is your name and email address, and we will only have this because you've given us your permission to hold this data, so we can send you newsletters.

Our newsletter signup process complies with all the latest regulations and includes a clear indication from you that you wish to be added to our list. There is no ambiguity in our signup process, you can't sign up by mistake.

The information we collect during the newsletter signup process is that which by the terms of the General Data Protection Regulations is considered to require "Consent", as opposed to "Explicit Consent", therefore we do not require an email confirmation.

For every sign up to our newsletter we securely store off-site the date, method and location of the signup.

You can easily remove yourself from this list by using the Unsubscribe section above, or clicking unsubscribe in any of the news letters we send you.

Information we hold about you (name & email) for the purpose of newsletters will never be given to anyone else to send you spam, we might though give it to our marketing company to send out newsletters on our behalf. They will not pass this info on to anyone else and will not send you any emails unless from us, about us and on our instruction.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy and your data, get in touch via the contact page.


Hassop Station
DE45 1NW

Tel 01629 815668


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Monday 9-5
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Wednesday 9-5
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Please Note
Open evenings Easter to Sept for evening menu diners.

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